A society based on Traditional VALUES, culture as SERVICE, legitimate EQUAL rights, justice, honesty, social sensitivity to the core of every citizen of our current SOCIETY.


To innovate, realize and sustain quality development programs across India to empower individuals and societies belonging to the poor, underdeveloped & helpless sections of all segments of the society with a special focus on women and children, While establishing a social order, safer, pure environment to all members of society.
To educate, motivate and train the ALL CITIZENS to tackle and eradicate the crime and corruption prevailing in the society.
To make them aware about their fundamental and constitutional rights to make use of all socioeconomic development program mes in the fields of education, health, rural development, Unemployment, etc. for the benefit of deserving people.
Our society development model emphasizes on building social capital by increasing income and assets within every family, improving their food security , ensuring nutrition, and protecting their rights through our our existing NETWORKING SYSTEM across INDIA.


1. To design national and international leads TO guide the deserving segments of every Tehsil in INDIA.

2. To collaborate with ALL government agencies and bodies for implementing the development projects SANCTIONED
by the concerned authorities.

3. To approach the Government and other aided bodies for providing necessary / relevant infrastructure to
maintain a healthy society.

4. To work for the improvement of Environmental conditions such as to plant trees, and all afforestation

5. To establish, maintain, assist, financial support the various community development programs/activities and
also construction and develop the community Halls, Sochalayas, Dispensaries, Libraries.

6. To organize seminar on social justice, educational and economical development of the members.

7. To conduct coaching classes for preparation of various competitive examinations open the study centers for
Govt. & Non-Government Institution.

8. To open center for diagnostic and research of cancer, Aids and other deadly diseases.

9. To take up effective, reasonable and lawful steps for the problems of society by creating permanent mechanism
to approach the concerned authority, decided by the Governing Body time to time.

10. To provide for Financial & Institutional support and undertake various activities and scheme for promotion of
the Culture, Educational, Trade & Carrier Prospects of the members of the society and their family.

11. To create a forum for Senior Citizens where they can exchange their various views and experiences which may
be make available to younger generation.

12. To organize free Medical camps, blood donations, Camps Eye Donation Camps, Etc. in Village and urban areas
for the benefit of the general public.

13. To approach the farmers and the people connected with agriculture and provide them the latest technology and
the research information in the fields of agriculture for the betterment of farmers/agriculturists.

14. To hold exhibitions and fairs to sell the handcrafted items etc. to create a well established online platform
in support of rural public.