Network Branding

Network Branding

The development and growth of potentiality in marketing strategies in early 2000s emerged a new concept called Network Branding.
Brands maximized the immediate potential to reach and interact with consumers through online platforms like Facebook and whatsapp.

And then the ability to reach consumers by way of these platforms becomes inadequate for all size of corporate.
Small brands opted to join as members/groups to utilize these sites. Next step for these groups is to interact with the end customers. This is when brands made the shift to create their own online networking platforms. Hence the present day Network Branding is born to rescue.

Network Branding is powerful social networking platform.

It connects consumers together and builds relationships directly with the brand.
Conventional media types TV, radio, Social media etc present relative content around for a brand. Doesn’t provide any interactive media facilities to the end customer, only send a specific content to all customers.
Network Branding provides a relative content is provided to different customers differently, and also in the form of consumer requested media. So it creates a network of consumers interact and create content for online use.
Network branding provides participation with consumers online and offline too. This is not simply connecting online platform with mobile devices, but providing separate mobile features jointly with a secondary media type to drive online usage and build relationship with brand on the go.

By participating in mobile campaigns users are interacting with the brand outside of traditional methods of all different e-commerce destinations.

The final element of Network branding involves incentive based participation. The addition of incentive based system to your brand creates a competitive nature between consumers.
This system re-enforces our entire consumer base and strengthens the relationship which finally turning a brand message into an interactive competitive element of a network.
All our consumers are become promoters for both the brand and for themselves.

At Independent Media and Associated networks we have a strong base of two lakh customer base

This innovative technology infrastructure has made our Network Branding a great driving force behind our strategic Network Branding industry to enhance your business potential to a positive vibrant profit oriented ideology.
We offer different themes to promote your business to suit your budgets and products.