The Indian Constitution makes the provision of healthcare is the responsibility of every state government.

For the purpose of better nutrition and standard of living of its people, a policy is endorsed by Parliament of India by the name “The National Health Policy” in 1983 and updated in 2002, and then again updated in 2017.

The emphasis is the need of growing burden of non-communicable diseases across all locations of Rural and Urban India.

However, The Government sector is unable to cope up with the growing population to cater the bare minimum services in this sector.

Practically, the private healthcare sector is providing their services to the majority of healthcare in India.
Government health policy has thus far largely encouraged private sector expansion in conjunction with well-designed but limited public health programmes.

In April 2018 the government announced the Aayushman Bharat scheme that aims to cover up to Rs. 5 lakh to 100,000,000 vulnerable families (approximately 500,000,000 persons, 40% of the country’s population).


Around 74% of doctors are in urban areas and serve only 28% of the population residing in Indian urban areas.

Rural areas in India have a shortage of medical professionals across all faculties of medicine.

This is a major issue for rural population access to healthcare. The lack of human resources causes citizens of rural India to resort to fraudulent or rude practices.

The role of technology, specifically the advent of mobile phones in health care has minimized the gap between these areas.

India is the second largest wireless communication base in the world, thus providing a potential window for mobile phones to serve in delivering health care.

Specifically, rural public displayed a high interest rate in receiving healthcare information through mobiles, with a greater preference for voice calls versus SMS (text) messages for the healthcare communication system.

Finally, our TEAM OF WELL TRAINED, PROFESSIONAL DOCTORS connects many healthcare SYSTEMS together to suit your all ailments.

So this is a unique service we offer as “CALL A DOCTOR @ YOUR DOOR STEP” so OUR DOCTORS and EXPERT SPECIALISTS can provide you the best suitable consultations at free of cost.

This reduces the non-medical cost of transportation as patients do not have to travel far to get specific doctor’s consultations and prescriptions or specialty’s opinions.

They assist in filling the gap between outreach and affordability in India.

Being a quality driven organization, we carry out meticulous quality inspection to ascertain that only flawless services and products reaches to your premises.

And we are constantly expanding these services to all corners of India.

To ensure the purity, quality and quantity of all herbal medicines we have very robust check-in system in place at your service.

These are the few of our following areas of services awaiting for your care.


Skin Care
Hair Care
Intimate Care
Talc & Deodorant
Test Kits
Men health Care
Women Health Care
Health Care Devices
Eye Drops
Lens Solutions


Feeding devices
Nursing devices
Oral Care
Soap & Body Wash
Adult Supplements
Diabetic Foods
Health Foods & Supplements
Calcium Supplements


Weight Loss
Fat Burner


Face Wash
Mask & Pack
Face Cream
Face Wipes
Face Mist